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1. Are banners, sandwich board signs, balloons, blow-ups or temporary ground signs on stakes permitted?
2. Are inflatable or blow-up type swimming pools allowed?
3. Do construction documents need to be signed and sealed by an architect or engineer?
4. Do I need a permit if I am just replacing an existing sign?
5. Do I need a permit if I am just replacing my existing deck or pool or installing a shed?
6. Do I need an occupancy permit for my new business?
7. How do I get in touch with the Fire Marshal?
8. How long will it take to get my permit?
9. Is a permit required for a security system?
10. What are the minimum set-back requirements?
11. What if I cannot meet the set-back requirements?
12. What inspections are required for my project and who do I call for them?
13. What is the maximum square footage a building sign is allowed to be?
14. Where can I find the sign requirements?
15. Where do I find the location of my easements or right-of-ways?
16. What size and type of fence am I allowed and do I need a permit?