New Business Occupancy

Welcome to Opening a New Business in North Fayette Township, PA!

Are you considering launching your business in North Fayette Township, PA? Congratulations on taking this exciting step towards entrepreneurship! Here at the North Fayette Township, we're committed to providing you with the necessary resources and guidance to make your business establishment process as seamless as possible.

Understanding the Process:

Before diving into the details, it's essential to understand the general process of opening a new business in North Fayette Township. Here's a brief overview:

  1. Determine Your Business Type: Whether you're planning to open a retail store, restaurant, office space, or any other type of business, it's crucial to identify your business type and ensure compliance with our zoning regulations.
  2. Obtain a Business Occupancy Permit: Once you have your business type figured out it's time to fill out a zoning permit and submit for a simple business occupancy permit. If you are doing any type of renovation or altering your building/ space please let us know and we will determine if you need any further permits. If you are replacing or adding any new signage this will require a sign/zoning permit which can be found below or on the "Sign Permits" page.
  3. Your Permit Has Been Issued: As soon as your permit has been issued you may start moving into your space but at this point, you cannot open it to the public. 
  4. Fire & Life Safety Inspection: When you are all finished moving into your space and ready to open please schedule your Fire & Life Safety inspection. This is mandatory before you open! During this inspection, we are looking for fire and life safety issues like fire extinguishers, smoke detectors/fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, and other life safety issues.
  5. Your Certificate Of Occupancy Was Issued: Once your Certificate of Occupancy is issued and you passed your fire and life safety inspection you may open to the public!

Have questions or need assistance with opening your new business in North Fayette Township? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at 724-693-3080 or by email at