Property Maintenance & Code Enforcement


Welcome to the official Code Enforcement page for North Fayette Township, where we provide valuable information and resources to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of our community. Code enforcement plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality of life, property values, and the overall aesthetics of our neighborhoods and Township. This page serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding code enforcement, its significance, common codes and ordinances, and how you can actively participate in creating a better living environment for all residents.

What is Code Enforcement?

Code enforcement refers to the regulation and enforcement of local ordinances, building codes, zoning regulations, and other rules and regulations that govern land use and property maintenance within a community. These regulations are designed to promote public safety, protect property values, and maintain the aesthetics of our neighborhoods.

Why is Code Enforcement Important?

  • Safety: Ensuring that properties meet safety standards reduces the risk of accidents, such as fires or structural failures, that can harm residents or visitors.
  • Property Values: Code enforcement helps maintain property values by preventing neglect and deterioration of properties in the community.
  • Community Aesthetics: A well-enforced code contributes to the visual appeal of neighborhoods, making them more attractive and livable.
  • Health: Regulations often include requirements for sanitation and pest control, contributing to public health.

Common Code Violations:

Address Numbers

Please make sure your home has address numbers placed on the structure in a position to be plainly legible and visible from the street fronting the property. Address numbers shall contrast with the background and shall be a minimum of 4 inches high with a minimum stroke width of one-half inch. Homes lacking visible address numbers are difficult for emergency responders to locate and may result in potential delays when help is needed.

Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Safety

Any type of swimming pool, hot tub, or spa capable of being filled with greater than 24 inches of water requires a permit and safety barriers. This includes portable and inflatable swimming pools most commonly purchased at department stores. Installing one of these pools without property safety barriers is very dangerous to children and can result in drowning. For information on pools and whether a permit is needed please reach out to our building department.

Fire Hydrants

If there is a fire hydrant in your yard, please be sure to maintain a clear space of at least 3 feet around the circumference of the hydrant. Posts, fences, plants or bushes, trash, vehicles, or any other object shall never be placed in front of or stored in front of fire hydrants. Fire hydrants that are not readily visible or accessible may hamper the efforts of the fire department in the event of an emergency.


Sidewalks adjacent to a street that run along the front, sides, and/or back of a homeowner's property are the homeowner's responsibility to maintain free from hazardous conditions including uneven concrete, cracks, snow, and ice. A misconception concerning sidewalks is that all sidewalks are the Township's responsibility because they are in the Township's right of way. A sidewalk running along a homeowner's property would be no different than the driveway that is partially located in the right-of-way. Repairing, shoveling, and salting for ice is the property owner's responsibility. Additionally, parking on sidewalks is prohibited within the Township. Additionally, parking on sidewalks is not permitted and is against our township ordinance.

High Grass and Weeds

Grass and weeds must be cut and maintained throughout the exterior property areas at a height not to exceed 10 inches. This includes all plant growth and noxious weeds. Weeds are defined as all grasses, annual plants, and vegetation. The only exemptions to this are gardens and cultivated flower arrangements.

Leaf and Grass Clippings

Leaf and grass clippings need to be placed in biodegradable paper bags not exceeding 40 pounds. No garbage, dirt, or anything other than grass clippings or leaves can be placed in the bag or it will be left at the curb due to the recycling company's refusal. For questions regarding Recycling and/or Garbage please contact the Public Works Division or County Hauling.

Inoperable Vehicles/ Junk Vehicles

Inoperable/ Junk vehicles cannot be stored or accumulated within the exterior property areas. Any unregistered vehicle is considered an inoperable vehicle and cannot be stored in the yard, driveway, etc. Vehicles must be "Road Ready" to be stored on a property and must have a valid PA Registration card, and insurance, and the vehicle must be driveable.

Rubbish & Garbage

All Properties must be free from trash and garbage, this includes the interior and exterior of the property. Rubbish must be disposed of in a clean and sanitary method. Rubbish must be placed in an approved, leakproof, and outside container.


All garbage, including garbage placed in containers with lids, must be placed in garbage bags and left at the curb no earlier than 24 hours prior to the scheduled pickup day. Loose garbage left in containers with lids will not be removed. For questions regarding Recycling and/or Garbage please contact the Public Works Division or County Hauling.

Sewer Manhole Covers

Sewer manhole covers may not be covered or obstructed by any means (including landscaping) and must remain visible and accessible at all times. Manhole covers that are not readily visible or accessible may result in delays when addressing sewer backups or other maintenance issues. For questions regarding manholes or sewers please contact the Public Works Division.

Camp Fires/ Recreational Fires

All fires within the Township must be for recreational purposes only, the burning of garbage or trash is prohibited and could result in fines and the notifying of the PA Health Department. All fires must be at least 10 feet from the nearest structure, roadway, property line, utility, trees, and other combustible materials. Any open fire must be conducted using charcoal, natural gas, or any other clean burning fuel. No painted or chemically treated wood, plastics, cardboard, paper, household waste (garbage), construction materials, or any other similar material. Fires may be a maximum size of 4 feet by 4 feet and must be in a proper burn pit. Only adults in the Township are permitted to conduct legal burning, no one under the age of 18 is permitted to conduct said burning. Any Code Enforcement Officer, Building Code Official, Fire Official, or Police Officer is permitted to order the extinguishment of any fire within the Township.

How to Report Code Issues:

  • Online Reporting: Click on the "Report a Code Enforcement Concern" tab and fill out the online code violation report form, providing as much detail as possible.
  • Phone Reporting: Contact our code enforcement department during business hours to report violations verbally by calling 724-693-3085.
  • In-Person Reporting: Visit our office to report a violation in person or obtain assistance with the reporting process. Please have all the information ready so when you are given the complaint form you can provide as much detail as possible.