Chartiers Watershed Municipal Alliance

The Chartiers Municipal Watershed Alliance (CWMA) is an intermunicipal watershed group formed under the Allegheny Watershed Alliance. The member communities in this group; Bridgeville, North Fayette, McDonald, Mt. Pleasant, and Oakdale, understand the importance of working collaboratively on a watershed basis and formed in an official capacity in early 2017 to meaningfully impact water quality.


To reduce the impacts of stormwater and improve the Chartiers Watershed through municipal collaboration and public engagement.

Goals of the CWMA

  1. Promote municipal collaboration on a watershed basis to bolster resources and focus on effective projects.
  2. Boost public engagement and education in the absence of a community- led watershed group by providing watershed-based volunteer opportunities for residents.


  • Engage and educate community members through watershed- based learning opportunities, including restoration projects and outreach activities.
  • Plan and pool resources on a watershed basis to effect meaningful improvements.