Pension Plan Request For Proposals

The Board of Supervisors of North Fayette Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide Pension Plan Services for the Township’s Police Defined Benefit Pension Plan and Non-Uniform Defined Contribution Pension Plan.

Applicants that respond to this RFP must be able to provide a complete package of pension services for each pension plan independently. These services shall include the following:    

  • Comprehensive investment services including investment management, advisory services and strategy;
  • A comprehensive menu of pension administrative services;
  • Actuarial services;
  • All banking and custodial services commensurate with maintaining a municipal pension plan;
  • Additional administrative or advisory services relevant to a PA municipal DB & DC pension plans;
  • Attend periodic meetings with the municipal leadership to review pension plans.

Interested firms shall prepare and send via US Mail the required number of bound and unbound copies of the RFP Response Documents, Required Act 44 Disclosure Statements, and any additional information requested in the RFP to the Township’s designated Point of Contact, by the specified RFP Closing Date of August 10, 2018 and no later than 11:00 A.M. prevailing time. Applications received after this date and time will not be considered for selection under this RFP.

Applications that do not meet this deadline will be returned unopened by mail. Once applications have been received and processed, the designated Point of Contact will send an email response to confirm that the application has been received by municipality.


  1. What are the assets, contributions, # of participants of the 2 pension Plans: Police Pension Plan and Non-Uniform Pension Plan?
  2. We were asked for clarification on the minimum criteria of having 100 or more Pennsylvania municipal pension clients and number of plans and the number of municipal clients within the counties of Beav
  3. Can you provide some additional detail regarding the provisions of the defined contribution plans?
  4. I see both the Township and employees make contributions. Do the employees have investment choices?
  5. Should the actuarial services also cover annual benefit statements for defined benefit participants?
  6. Under the administrative services section, there is a line item to provide a platform for DC participants to access or receive quarterly report on the accounts. Are you expecting them to be able to s
  7. Would you consider an unbundled product (i.e. selecting a separate actuary and investment advisor) or has the committee decided they prefer the bundled solution?
  8. Is the non-uniformed defined contribution plan administered with participant-directed accounts, or a single aggregated investment portfolio?
  9. Are the individual DROP accounts maintained as part of the overall police pension fund assets, or are they in a separate account/investment?
  10. As part of the actuarial services listing is to prepare annual benefit statements for DC Plan participants (by April 1 of each year) (example included). Was this intended to imply that a sample of...
  11. For the DC plan are the investment decisions made by the participant or at the trustee level?
  12. There was a very specific question posed regarding the requirements for the allocation of funds to be invested.
  13. Please clarify, is the expectation for the Pension investment manager/advisor to provide investment advisors to meet with employees in the process of retiring and advise the retiree on taking a...
  14. If we are not willing to provide such advisory services to retirees will that eliminate our RFP response?
  15. The RFP states the submission must be US Mail, are one of the mail services i.e. Fed Ex, UPS…, acceptable?
  16. Can I infer from the RPF that the actuary/administrator is performing an allocation of income and contributions to member accounts on a quarterly basis, so as to be able to issue quarterly participant
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