Key Box Program


The North Fayette Fire Department maintains the Key / Lock box program for the Township. This program can be beneficial for residents and businesses. The program is simple and consists of a sturdy safe type box with a key lock on it that is placed on the outside of your property that holds the important keys for the premises. Currently, only the fire department has the key to open the box, however the police may have access as well in the future.


In the event of any type of emergency or problem where time is of the essence and responders cannot wait for a key holder or a key holder is not available, the fire department can access the keys for the building without having to force entry and cause damage to doors or windows. Think of this as an insurance policy for your property.

Types of Key Boxes

Business - The lock boxes for businesses can be of great help for properties that are not occupied at all times. This gives the Fire Department access In the event of a fire alarm activation or other emergency at night, on the weekend, or over a holiday period.
Residential - A smaller less noticeable box is available for residential properties and may be good for the elderly and those who travel frequently

Contact the fire department at 412-787-2883 if you are interested in participating in or have questions about this program.
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