North Fayette Township is very proud of our ever growing parks and outdoor leisure facilities. Spread out between two locations, you will find our parks system full of amenities for both individuals and families alike.

Pavilions at the township parks are available to reserve one year in advance of the day you wish to book. (Maximum window 12 months to the day). The rental season begins on April 1st and ends on November 1st.  Pavilions and accessories are winterized between November 1 and April 1st.


  • Charcoal grill available
  • Running water is not available
  • Electricity available at all pavilions except Veterans Pavilion


  • Do not dispose of charcoal in trash cans
  • Staples or nails are prohibited for use in pavilion areas or picnic tables
  • Tents or contracted services that coincide with the rental of a pavilion must be approved by the Parks Superintendent
  • Questions?  Call 724-307-3725 for more information

Below are some of the features you will find for outdoor recreation, gatherings, picnics, exercise, sports, and community events in each of our Township parks.


Donaldson Community Park

Donaldson Community Park is located at 590 Donaldson Road near the Donaldson Elementary School. It is also home to the North Fayette Township Community Center. 

Pavilions available for rental

Brindle Pavilion 
Lafayette Pavilion 
Veterans Pavilion  (no electricity) 

Rental Agreement (PDF)
Reservations may be made online or at the North Fayette Community Center.  

Baseball Fields / Multi-Purpose Field

• Brindle Field 
• Maropis Field
• Huebner Field 
• Multi-Purpose Soccer/ Football Field

Dog Park

• Fenced-in open area
• Dog waste disposal station at entrance to park
• Open dawn to dusk
• Open year round  (parts of the dog park will be closed intermittently for reseeding between April and May)
• Rules posted at entrance to park
• Dogs must be leashed at all times outside of dog park

Walking Trail

• 1.1 Miles Long
• Open Year Round
• Available for Walk-A-Thon's 


North Fayette Township Municipal Park

The North Fayette Township Municipal Park is located at 400 North Branch Road. The park areas are spread out over the entire municipal complex. 

Pavilions available for rental

Valenti Pavilion   
Lions Club Pavilion       

Rental Agreement (PDF)
Reservations may be made online or at the North Fayette Community Center.  

Baseball Fields

• Kozloff Field
• Argenta A
• Argenta B 

Sand Volleyball Court