While within the Township boundaries, some roads are not the responsibility of the Township Public Works Department and are actually owned by Allegheny County or PennDOT.

State Maintained Roads (PennDOT)
Bateman Road
McKee Road
Noblestown Road  (Oakdale Borough to Collier)
North Road
North Branch Road
Oakdale Road
Seabright Road
Steubenville Pike (Route 30 to Tonidale)
US/State Route 22 US/State Route 30

North Fayette has an agreement with PennDOT for snow removal only on the state owned roads listed above with the exception of Route 22 & Route 30 which are snow plowed by PennDOT. Any other maintenance of these roadways is strictly the responsibility of PennDOT. Potholes and other dangerous issues on these state owned roads can be reported by calling 1-800-FIX-ROAD. Please be prepared to provide as much detailed information as possible.

Allegheny County Maintained Roads
Cliff Mine Road
Cliff Mine/Enlow Road
Ridge Road (Bayer)

North Fayette Township is not responsible for snow removal of Allegheny County roads. Any hazardous issues with the above listed county roads can be reported to Allegheny County Public Works Department at 412-350-2513. Please be prepared to provide as much detailed information as possible.

Privately Maintained
All private roads within the Township are the responsibility of the private property owners including all CSA maintained roads. 

To report a pothole or other issues on North Fayette Township roads, please call the Public Works Department at 724-693-3107.