Hankey Farms Pool

Date: October 20, 2017 

Contact:  Shaun Leslie, 724-307-3725, sleslie@north-fayette.com 


Update on the Hankey Farms Pool Property 


The North Fayette Township Board of Supervisors made the difficult decision to permanently close the Hankey Farms Pool in April of 2017 due to deteriorating equipment, and substantial repairs and renovations required for accessibility.  The demolition of the Hankey Farms Pool facility is underway.  The concession and restroom building has been demolished and work is being performed to remove the damaged pool structure.  Once complete, the grounds will be graded and grass will be planted.  The pavilion structure and playground will remain on the property for public usage until a long-range plan is developed.  Notification of permitted pavilion and playground use will be announced at the completion of the project.   


The Board of Supervisors has appointed a ten-member steering committee made up of township employees and residents, from multiple neighborhoods within the community.  The task of this exploratory steering committee is to gather information related to a new pool facility, specifically design options, amenities, location, costs and feasibility.  A survey was conducted amongst residents to gather input regarding past and future pool usage, proposed amenities, and general interest.  The survey results are being analyzed to create a conceptual plan of future needs and wants for a community pool.  There have not been any decisions made regarding a future pool structure or complex, including the previously discussed splash pad facility.   


The Board of Supervisors will continue to collaborate with the steering committee to determine the feasibility of any future community pool facility.  Future pool concepts and plans will be presented at Board of Supervisor meetings, at a date and time to be announced.