Liens & Dye Testing

Municipal Lien

A municipal lien certificate is required for the sale, transfer and refinance of all real estate property in North Fayette Township. If you have additional questions call 724-693-3080 or email Debbie Midgley.

Dye Test

A dye test and video camera inspection are needed for the sale or transfer of all property in the township that has any type of building structure on it - commercial building, house, garage, etc. The dye test is when dye is inserted into the downspouts and checked to make sure no dye is entering the sanitary sewer. The video camera inspection is a commonly accepted method of testing whereby a video camera is inserted into and travels throughout the private lateral sewer line of real property to determine if any illegal storm water, ground water, or surface water is entering the sanitary sewer system. If both tests pass, a certificate of compliance would be issued for the property. For questions about Dye Testing, call 724-693-3080 or email Debbie Midgley.  

Dye Test Information and Forms

Camera Inspection Ordinance Number 401

Dye Test Application

Dye Test Ordinance Number 359

Dye Test Ordinance Number 445

Lien Letter Request Form

Sewer System Rules and Regulations 402