Roads & Sewage

Thirteen full-time employees make up the Road Division and Sewer Division. The Road division is responsible for general road maintenance, mowing rights of way, and street sweeping throughout the Township. The Sanitary Sewer Division is accountable for general maintenance and cleaning of township-owned sanitary sewer lines and storm sewers in addition to improvements to sewers.

Winter Maintenance

The Road Division also takes care of storm cleanup and winter maintenance on approximately 125 lane miles of roads within the township each winter. Over recent years, the Road Crew has been pretreating roads with salt brine. The application of salt brine 24-72 hours before a snowfall will provide for safer travel during the early stages of snow and give the crew time to get out onto the roads to begin traditional treatment.

To assist the road crew with this endeavor, the Public Works Department asks that homeowners and business owners plow or shovel snow to the right side of the driveway as they are facing the intersecting roadway by plowing away from the direction of oncoming snow plows. This action will prevent the bulk of the snow from being pushed back onto the driveway. Please eliminate snow piles at the driveway entrance whenever possible. Do not push snow out onto roads at any time. This creates hazardous driving conditions for all vehicles. Homeowners can be held responsible for accidents that result after the snow has been shoveled onto Township maintained roads. The Township is asking for the public's cooperation by following the preceding guidelines. (see diagram below).

Driveway Snow Plowing on Township Maintained Roads

Snow Plow Drawn Example

Street Sweeping

Beginning in late March, or as weather permits, the Township begins sweeping Township roads. Street sweeping is done to remove dirt and anti-skid material that is put down during the winter months. Please do not sweep the area in front of your house and leave it out for garbage pick-up. The Sanitation crew will not pick up this material.

North Fayette Township has a pavement management plan that determines which roads need to be paved and which need repaired. Roads are periodically examined to determine the extent of repairs that are needed for each road if any. Some roads just need a few potholes patched while others are part of the Township's extensive seal coating operation (tar and chip) in order to extend the life of the road until it has to be placed in the budget for being paved.

While within the Township boundaries, some roads are not the responsibility of the Township Public Works Department and are actually owned by Allegheny County or PennDOT.

State Maintained Roads (PennDOT)

  • Bateman Road
  • McKee Road
  • Noblestown Road (Oakdale Borough to Collier)
  • North Road
  • North Branch Road
  • Oakdale Road
  • Seabright Road
  • Steubenville Pike (Route 30 to Tonidale)
  • US/State Route 22
  • US/State Route 30
  • Whittengale Road

North Fayette has an agreement with PennDOT for snow removal only on the state owned roads listed above with the exception of Route 22 and Route 30 which are snow plowed by PennDOT. Any other maintenance of these roadways is strictly the responsibility of PennDOT. Potholes and other dangerous issues on these state owned roads can be reported by calling 800-FIX-ROAD. Please be prepared to provide as much detailed information as possible.

Allegheny County Maintained Roads

  • Cliff Mine Road
  • Cliff Mine/Enlow Road
  • Ridge Road (Bayer)

North Fayette Township is not responsible for snow removal of Allegheny County roads. Any hazardous issues with the above listed county roads can be reported to Allegheny County Public Works Department at 412-350-2513. Please be prepared to provide as much detailed information as possible.

Privately Maintained

All private roads within the Township are the responsibility of the private property owners including all CSA maintained roads.