Public Works

Public Works provides infrastructure services including road maintenance and maintenance of sanitary sewers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.If a street light is out in my neighborhood, who do I call?
Contact the power company that services your area of the township.

2.If there is a dead animal in my yard, how do I get rid of it?
Contact the game commission at 724-238-9523.
3.If there is a large dead animal (deer) in the road, who do I call?
Police dispatch at 724-693-8400 and they will contact the appropriate department - either county, state, or the Township Public Works.
4.If there is a live animal on my property that I believe is sick, who do I contact?
Contact Police Dispatch at 724-693-8400.
5.Who is responsible for shoveling snow on the sidewalk that runs alongside the street in front of my house?
Each individual property owner is responsible for sidewalk maintenance in front of their house. Snow must be removed 24 hours after the conclusion of a snow event.