Subdivision & Land Development Approval Process

There are many steps and procedures involved with obtaining the Township's approval to construct a new building or an addition to an existing building. Area businesses and developers may not be aware of the various steps involved with the land development approval process. For many, the process may seem like a very overwhelming, daunting task at first as there are several steps involved in obtaining an overall approval. North Fayette Township's Community Development Department is available and eager to answer any questions applicants and/or developers have about the overall land development approval process.

Prior to submitting a formal Subdivision and Land Development application, applicants can request to meet with the Community Development Director and Township Engineer for either a sketch plan conference and/or a preapplication conference (with a draft set of land development plans). These two types of pre-submittal conferences do not require a formal application or fee.

Planning Commission

Subdivision and Land Development Applications are first reviewed by the Township's Planning Commission. The Planning Commission reviews the applications and makes recommendations to the Township's Board of Supervisors as to whether to approve an application (including conditional approvals) or to deny an application. The Planning Commission's recommendation is based on the review of the application by the Township Engineer, currently Lennon Smith Souleret Engineering, as well as the Township Community Development Department.

North Fayette Township's Planning Commission meets on the 1st Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm at the municipal building located at 400 North Branch Road. Subdivision and Land Development applications are due four weeks prior to the meeting date. A total of 15 copies of the application and any supporting materials, plans, and drawings should be submitted by the deadline. Specifically, 4 full-size and 11 half-size plans should be submitted, along with 1 electronic submittal. In addition, 3 copies, along with 1 electronic copy, of any reports (i.e. Geotechnical, Storm water Management, etc.) should also be submitted. View the following links to flowcharts breaking down the various application and approval processes:

Conditional Use Approval

Some applications for proposed use may require a conditional use approval, as outlined in Table 27-1 of the Township Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 27 of the Township Code of Ordinances, Ordinance No. 418. Conditional use applications are first reviewed by the Township Planning Commission before going before the Board of Supervisors. The Board holds a public hearing on the proposed conditional use before taking action on it. Conditional use applications are due four weeks prior to the Planning Commission meeting. Nine copies of the application and any supporting materials are required as part of the submittal. Read through the Conditional Use Application Flowchart regarding the conditional use approval process.

Application Groups

Applications are typically grouped into one of the following categories:
  • Simple Subdivision
  • Minor Land Development
  • Major Land Development.
Below is a list of applications, ordinances, and other applicable forms and guides associated with getting a subdivision and/or land development project approved in North Fayette Township. The Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance provides additional details on the overall application process including what information should be included with a submittal.

Helpful Resources

Additional Information

For more information on the subdivision and land development approval process, please contact the Department of Community Development at 724-693-3080.

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