Community Development

The Community Development department provides guidance through the subdivision and land development review process. The department administers and enforces zoning, storm water management, and subdivision and land development ordinances and is responsible for the planning, management, and implementation of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan and the Agricultural Security Area.

Additional Duties

The Community Development Department, in partnership with the Township Engineer, also reviews land development plans, subdivision plans, and requests for zoning variances and ordinance amendments. The Department works with area residents, business owners, property owners, and developers by guiding them through the subdivision and land development review and approval process. 

In addition, the department is responsible for the management and implementation of the Township’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan, adopted on April 22, 2014, and the administration of the Township’s Agricultural Security Area.

Always check with the department to determine which permits may be required before making any improvements to your home, property, or business. 

The Community Development Department does not perform plumbing or electrical inspections, commercial plan reviews, septic system inspections. or health inspections.

Plumbing inspections and the issuance of plumbing permits are performed by Allegheny County Health Department Plumbing Inspection Division.

Electrical inspections and commercial plan reviews are conducted by any State of Pennsylvania Certified third party inspector or agency. 

Refer to the Cover All Contacts Form for a list of electrical inspectors, commercial plan review examiners, the county Health Department, as well as other important contact information.
Basic Forms and Other Helpful Resources.

The Community Development Department is also responsible for:

  • The Enforcement of the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code
  • Building Permits and Inspection
  • Residential Plan Review
  • Zoning Permits and Inspection
  • Occupancy Permits
  • Sign Permits
  • Fire Prevention Permits and Inspection
  • Demolition Permit Issuance
  • Storm and Sanitary Sewer Tap Inspections
  • Property Code Enforcement
  • Business Occupancy Permits