Building Inspections

Please email inspection requests (all inspections other than electrical and plumbing) to A return email confirmation of the scheduled inspection will be sent. You may also call the inspection scheduling line at 724-693-3125 to request an inspection; however, we're unable to confirm requests made by calling the scheduling line. All inspections required for your project will be listed on the back of the permit placard.

All inspection requests must be made prior to 7:00am, preferably the day before for same day inspections.

Inspection Requests received after 7:00am will be scheduled for the following day. One hour time increments may be chosen between 7:00am and 2:00pm - (i.e. 9:00am - 10:00am or 1:00pm - 2:00pm) or you may simply request an inspection anytime during the day. If a one hour time increment is requested, the inspector may arrive anytime between the chosen time frame. You will be contacted if the requested day and time of the inspection request needs to be changed. Please do not email, call, or text an individual inspector for inspection requests.

Please provide the following information when scheduling an inspection via email:
  • Name and daytime phone number
  • If an email address is provided, we will email you the inspection results
  • Permit Number
  • Address
  • Type of inspection requested. (Please list all inspections request if more than one, otherwise, we will only perform the inspection requested.)
  • Date and one hour time frame of request.
Please note: Upon the need to reschedule the same inspection for a third time or more, a reinspection charge of $100.00 will be required prior to the reinspection being conducted.
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