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Tax Collection


You may have recently received correspondence from a surrounding municipality regarding the LOCAL EARNED INCOME TAX RESIDENCY CERTIFICATION FORM and your Political Subdivision Cod (PSD).


On this form, under the EMPLOYEE INFORMATION-RESIDENCE LOCATION section, please confirm the correct PSD Code of 731802 and the Total Resident EIT Rate of 1% and return the form to your employer. Failure to provide the correct PSD Code may cause your withheld Earned Income Taxes to be directed to the incorrect taxing district. For further information, please contact Jordan Tax Services, Inc. at (412) 345-7966.



For Tax Year 2012, your local earned income taxes will no longer be collected by the North Fayette Township Earned Income Tax Collector.  Act 32 of 2008 provides for earned income taxes to be withheld by employers and remitted to an appointed tax collector on your behalf.  Beginning January 1, 2012, all municipalities in Pennsylvania will become part of a Tax Collection District ("TCD"). North Fayette Township will be located in the Allegheny West TCD and local earned income taxes will be collected by Jordan Tax Services. The PSD Code for North Fayette Township is 731802.  For more information on Act 32 and how it will impact local wage tax collection please visit:

Real Estate Tax Collection
Mr. Tom Falcioni
(724) 693-3116

To pay ONLY North Fayette Township Real Estate Taxes by credit card or e check click here. A transaction fee is charged by the processing company.  You cannot pay your West Allegheny School Real Estate Taxes on this site.

To pay your West Allegheny School Real Estate Taxes go to

The Real Estate tax office is located at the Township Building at 400 North Branch Road.  Office hours are Monday - Thursday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.  Other times are by appointment only.  The office hours will be extended during the months that payments are due.

  If you have questions regarding Township or School District taxes, please contact Tom Falcioni at (724) 693-3116 .You can contact the Allegheny County Office of Property Assessment at (412) 350-4600 regarding your assessed market value.  You can access your assessed market value at the Allegheny County Real Estate Web Site.  If senior citizens fill out an application for the Tax Relief Program (Act 77) with Allegheny County it will automatically be forwarded on to the Township.

Earned Income Tax Collection and Emergency & Municipal Services Tax
Mr. Tom Falcioni
(724) 693-9190

The Earned Income and Emergency & Municipal Services tax office is located at the Township Building at 400 North Branch Road.  The office is located along the front of the building at the first door on the left.

Emergency & Municipal Services Tax

Earned Income Tax

The Tax is 1% on earned income and net profits.  The tax is always paid to the community where you live.  Every resident of North Fayette Township who has taxable earned income or net profits during any part of the year must file a Final Return Form WA40.  This return must be filed even if the tax was fully with held by your employer or no additional tax is due.  All returns must be postmarked by April 15th to avoid penalty and interest charges.  Returns can be mailed to EARNED INCOME TAX COLLECTOR, P.O. BOX 239, OAKDALE PA, 15071 or delivered to the Earned Income Tax Office in the Township Building at 400 North Branch Road.  Even if you were a part-year resident of North Fayette Township, you are subject to the local wage tax for that part of the year you were a resident.  Documentation of earnings (Forms W-2, 1099) net profits (Schedules C, E, F, or K-1) and/or business expenses (PA Schedule UE, Federal Forms 2106, 3903 and other state and federal forms as applicable) must accompany tax returns.  Taxpayers must supply the original document or a copy of the document - the tax office will no make copies or return documents.  Failure to receive a tax return does not relieve the taxpayer of the responsibility of filing a tax return and of paying the tax.  Failure to file may result in a fine plus penalty and interest charges.  All returns filed after the April 15th will be assessed penalty and interest charges at the rate of 1% per month.  Additional penalty and interest charges will be assesses for residents who have failed to make proper quarterly tax payments: 6% per annum plus 1% per month after January 31st.  There will be a $25.00 charge for checks returned by the bank for any reason.

TAXABLE EARNED INCOME AND COMPENSATION is: wages, salaries, commissions, bonuses, tips, fees, PA active military pay, vacation pay, severance pay, incentive pay, honoraria, profit distributions, sick pay (other than third party sick pay), exercised stock options from employers, employer-reimbursed moving expenses, early distribution of pension, deferred income for pensions and annuities and other forms of compensation as provided by the employer.

TAXABLE NET PROFITS are: the net income from the operation of a business, profession, farm or other activity after provision for all costs and expenses incurred in the conduct thereof.

NON-TAXABLE INCOME is: interest and dividend income, social security benefits, out of state active military pay, disability benefits, pensions (some exceptions apply), third party sick pay, lottery winnings, death benefit payments, gifts or bequests, unemployment compensation, supplemental unemployment benefits (SUB), public assistance and income from stocks or trusts.