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 North Fayette is Proud to help “Preserve” our Farmlands!

The Antel Farm was first purchased by Jackson Antel in 1921. He later sold it to his son Harry Antel. Harry moved his entire operation 60 miles from Deep Valley, Green County, to McDonald, Pennsylvania. While the older children herded the livestock, Harry’s wife and 6 week old daughter rode in a horse drawn wagon. Harry ran a dairy farm with the help of his children and sold eggs throughout the community. In the winter of 1950, fire destroyed the barn and part of the herd. Harry rebuilt and his son, Edward, took over. Edward operated a full-time family dairy farm until his retirement.

Current owner, Jerry Antel, took over the farm from his father, Edward, and now runs a part-time beef and crop operation while maintaining a full-time job at Ashlan Chemical. Jerry’s legacy, as the 4th generation of Antel owners, will be the many improvements to the property, from the repairs to the 60 year old barn, to the new work shop, 2 new equipment sheds, new grain storage buildings and a new farm house.

With Jerry’s nephew Shawn and his family living on the property, there is now a 5th and 6th generation of Antel’s helping out around the farm. It is hoped that the Antel family will be tied to the land for many years to come.

Jerry Antel is so passionate about farming that he was instrumental in developing the ASA (Agricultural Security Area) Committee here North Fayette Township. Jerry, along with several other farm owners in our township formed the North Fayette division of the ASA this past October 2013. The ASA is a county wide program that protects agriculture in Pennsylvania. Participating farmers are entitled to special consideration from local and state government agencies, and other “nuisance” challenges, thus encouraging the continuing use of the land for productive agricultural purposes. The intent of the ASA is to promote farming and strengthen the rights to farm.

Mr. Antel’s next step is to try and “Preserve” his land as a farm, forever. With the help of the Allegheny County Agricultural Land Preservation Board, Mr. Antel is the first farm in North Fayette to apply for this status. The mission of this invaluable “Farmland Preservation Program” is to save farms for the future, today! This program will protect viable farmland by acquiring conservation easements which prevent the development or improvement of the land for any purpose other than agricultural production.

By agreeing to allow the Farm Preservation Program to purchase the easement on the Antel Farm, it gives Jerry Antel some value for his property today so he can remain in agriculture. This program is available in every county in Pennsylvania and is funded by the Real Estate Transfer Tax & Cigarette Tax.  

We sincerely wish Mr. Antel the best and will follow closely for the next step of this “Preservation”.

Thank you Jerry Antel for the commitment to keeping Farmland in North Fayette Township!


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