Environmental Services Billing

The Environmental Services Bill is a combination of a resident's garbage and/or sewage bill. This bill is mailed quarterly and includes our Township Newsletter. If you have any questions concerning your bill, please contact customer service at 412-788-4888 or 724-693-9601.

Residential Garbage Collection

Residential garbage collection is mandatory in North Fayette Township. The residential quarterly rate is $45 per quarter. The Senior Citizen rate is $22.50 per quarter for those who qualify. Eligibility for senior discount is that you must be 62 years of age or older, no one can be working in the household, and the total household income must be $32,000 or less.

Sanitary Sewage

North Fayette Township is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the sanitary sewer system. The sanitary sewer system is connected to two different treatment plants. For the majority of residents that live north of Steubenville Pike, sewage is treated by the Moon Township Municipal Authority. All other Township residents are served by Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN). The sewage portion of your Environmental Services bill is calculated on water usage reported by Western Allegheny County Municipal Authority or PA American Water. The minimum quarterly bill is $67.50 and is calculated on a minimum usage of 9,000 gallons per quarter at a rate of $7.50 per thousand gallons. Usage that exceeds the minimum is charged an additional $7.50 per 1,000 gallons of water used. The Township periodically does a rate study to make sure that the per-thousand-gallon amount is not too high or low, based on charges received by the treatment plants.